Prepare for the Colder Season! How to combat pests in Northern California

The fall season is finally here and winter is not that far behind. As it starts getting colder outside, we begin spending more and more time inside our homes seeking warmth. Unfortunately, so do the pests and rodents. In fact, rodents have been the most common pests for 29 percent of Americans at one time or another.

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the United States spends approximately $7.47 billion annually on pest control services. It is always said that prevention is better than the cure, and this is true for pests and rodents too. So what can you do to prevent them from entering your home in the first place?


Secure all the holes and cracks

The first thing you should do is evaluate the exterior of your home and make a note of all the holes and cracks that need to be sealed. Rats, flies, spiders, and cockroaches will try to enter your home from any nook or cranny they can find. Whether it is cracks in the foundation or the gaps around the windows, ensure that all of these are properly sealed. If you have any vents or chimneys in your home, ensure that you cover and screen them.

Ensure that there is no accumulation of moisture

A number of pests are attracted to moisture, including cockroaches and termites. Termites favor moist conditions because they thrive on wet wood. Therefore, one of the ways in which you can prevent pests and rodents from entering your home is ensuring that there are no clogged drains or leaky pipes. If you have any drainage problems or leaks, take care of it as soon as possible.


Seal the openings on doors and windows by installing weather stripping

The main aim of installing weather stripping is to keep warm air inside and cold air outside, where it belongs. However, it can also help you keep pests and rodents outside by sealing all the gaps in your doors and windows. Getting weather stripping installed is pretty easy and it is one of the best preventative measures available. If you have already installed it, just check to see if there is any need to replace it.

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