Why should I be excited
about Orange Oil termite treatments?

If you’re looking for a tent-free solution to your termite problems, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is the treatment you need.

Extra Tenting Costs

Cost Factors
(for 3 days)
Cost with Tenting
Cost with
Orange Oil
Pet Boarding
(for 2 pets)
Cost To Replace Discarded Food, Medicines, etc.$300$0
Dining Expenses$240$0
Lost Wages Due To Preparation?$0
Average Treatment Cost$1650$1500

How do termites enter my home?

To establish new colonies, winged reproductive will swarm to exposed wood on the exterior of nearby buildings and other structures. Drywood termites infest dry, undecayed wood, dead limbs of native trees, utility poles, structural lumber, and similar items.

How do we find them all?

Since termites eat from the outside of the house in, we identify damage and infestation on the outer areas of the home. If areas of infestation lead into inaccessible areas such as wall voids or enclosed areas, we will use a scope with a true optic or fiber optic camera on the end to look into those areas. The same evidence seen on the outside will be seen on the inside of inaccessible areas if infested.