Keep Pests from Ruining Your Halloween

Halloween is associated with a lot of fun-filled activities like carving pumpkins and donning costumes. However, pests, mosquitoes, spiders, and cockroaches, can definitely put a damper on these festivities if they infest your home this fall.

Not only are they a threat to your property, but they can also spread diseases and cause allergic reactions. According to the National Pest Management Association, up to 60 percent of people suffering from asthma are just allergic to cockroaches!

Keep Pests from Ruining Your Pumpkins

Rodents present one of the most common pest control problems in the country, and every year any large city in the US receives over 10,000 complaints regarding this issue and Sacramento is no different. With Halloween just around the corner, it is very tempting to start carving your pumpkins right now.

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Trick or Treating

Ensure that you are only allowing kids to come trick or treating inside your home, and not mosquitoes by following a few simple steps. Piles of leaves and standing water, even if in small amount, are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And you know how many leaves are in and around Sacramento.

Take a walk around your home and check any old tires, watering cans, leaky air conditioners, and broken rain gutters for signs of standing water. Another way you can keep the mosquitoes outside is by using bug lights and mosquito repellants that are fairly effective. You can even install a screen door that is made of mosquito netting.

Keep Your Porch Black Widow Free

More than half a million people have to visit the emergency room every year because of stinging insects. Do not be one of these people by keeping your porch free from black widows this Halloween. Black widow spiders are usually found in dark areas such as under the ledges, inside boxes, or in the firewood pile.

In order to keep this spider away from your porch, clean up the cluttered areas and trim weeds that are growing around the foundation of the building. If you find one, be careful while destroying it because the venom of the black widow is toxic to your nervous system.

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No matter what your pest control issues are, we have the expertise to solve them for you. All you need to do is plan your Halloween festivities, and schedule your home inspection with us – the pests are our problem!

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