How to Find the Best Home Inspector for Termites in Northern California?

Before a termite treatment is carried out in a home, the termite-control service provider will generally conduct a free inspection to determine the extent of structural damage in the home, if any.

In Termites in Northern California, readers will notice that the most difficult part about termite control in Northern California is discovering the termite infestations or swarms and estimating the extent of the structural damage for repair work. A sound inspector will not only provide an accurate evaluation of the termite condition in a home, but also recommend an honest and economical solution to the problem.

So how does a Northern California homeowner go about finding the best termite inspector available in the area?

The State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation Structural Pest Control Board offers it recommendations for finding a terrific termite inspector in that part of California. This article indicates that generally pest-control companies and their inspectors are licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) to carry out inspections.

Here are some proven methods for locating a reliable inspector:

Explore Angie’s list: If a termite inspector is dedicated and fantastic, he or she is likely to show up on Angie’s list with many recommendations.

Network with neighbors, friends, or local businesses: Neighbors, friends, or other local businesses can often share their experience and point to astounding termite inspectors. The work record of an individual inspector can be a major factor in selecting a service provider.

Research individual pest-control companies: Read about customer feedback on third-party sites, social media, or online consumer forums. Review any feedback on particular inspectors employed by these pest-control enterprises.

Review yellow pages: Although online and offline yellow pages can be a good start, a home owner cannot really rely on the business provider’s self-marketing without cross-checking other sources. Use Google or another search engine to find more information about this person or business.

This University of Kentucky, Entomology Department article offers insightful advice on how to go about selecting a pest or termite control company.

Do not sign a contract with a pest control company unless you are totally comfortable with them. If they checked out well online, show up on time, and our cordial and seem credible, then let them get to work! You made the right call!

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