Dealing with Termites during the Cold Season in North California

According to Dennis Kleiber, the termite Department Manager at the Pest Control Center, the sudden changes in the climatic conditions in terms of warmth and moisture during spring beckon the termite colonies to begin their mating journeys. In case of heavy downpours and excess moisture in the soil, the termites may to move to drier locations.

Termites in Northern California offers many significant facts about the Pacific damp wood termites, which can be found during the cooler months in North California.

How do damp wood termites live?

Damp wood termites usually build their colonies inside damp lumber or wood. Although they do not require direct contact with the soil, they need moisture from the wood to survive. They are commonly found in beach properties, and in cooler temperatures along the Californian coastline.

How do they attack a home?

These termites usually target wooden structures near water surfaces like the ocean. Pacific damp wood termites are attracted to cool, moist conditions, and often discovered in colonies that have 4,000 members. Within this specie, swarming remains active throughout the year, but specifically between August and October. The extent of damage they cause can depend upon the type and size of the wood, and generally affect the softer timber more.

How is the presence of damp wood termite commonly detected?

They expel fecal pellets that are usually found in tubes or tunnels. These excretions greatly resemble the color of the wood they have eaten and end up looking like oval rice grains. In case fecal pellets are discovered, the colonies must be uncovered through professional termite services so they can be destroyed to prevent further infestation.

Can removing moisture help?

Scientists and/or industry professionals seem to suggest that removal of excessive moisture from wood can help control damp wood termite growth. However, homeowners in Northern California should consult stellar service providers to make an informed decision. Also, the State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation Structural Pest Control Board offers informative help on termite inspection and control for Northern California residents.

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