Meet the Team

Kyle R. Finley

Kyle R. Finley Chief Executive Officer

In April of 2007, at 29 years old, Kyle decided to go out on his own and start a company, Twin Termite and Pest Control. The name originated from being an identical twin and having identical twin daughters. He has been serving the community for the past 10 years with services related to termite inspections, home inspections, pest control, and repairs. Kyle and his company enjoy donating and financially supporting different organizations and committees throughout California. Twin has grown to over 50 employees with five locations in Northern and Southern California. Kyle prides himself on innovation, customer service and happy employees. He believes this is why Twin has gone from a start up out of his garage (after saving up $7500 to start the company) to over five million in yearly revenue with plans to be a ten million dollar company by 2020.

Kyle has been very happily married since 2003 to the love of his life and most beautiful woman in the world. Together they have four children; 10 year-old identical twin daughters, a 5 year-old boy and a two year-old boy that keep them as busy as the business. Kyle enjoys triathlons, wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and anything outdoors that he can find the time to do. Kyle considers his success based on how great of a dad and husband he can be, and not by any other measurement.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946

Tim Hogge

Tim Hogge General Manager

With over 20 years of construction experience, Tim brings extensive project management skills and technical experience to the Twin team. He spent 10 years as a licensed contractor, owning and operating his own home construction and remodel business. Tim recently began working in the termite and pest control industry; in this time, he has earned a Branch 3 field representative license. As a natural problem solver, he enjoys the challenges and rewards frequently found in the pest control field. He enjoys working with people and, with the help of his highly effective and competent staff, Twin offers quality customer service standards.

Tim is the proud father of three young daughters and spends his days with the woman he has loved since elementary school. With the many building accomplishments that he has achieved, his greatest accomplishment is designing and building the home he shares with his family. Spending time with his family and fulfilling, hard work are the things Tim loves most in life.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-812-1458

Frank Siino

Frank Siino

Born into a real estate and construction family, Frank has experience in all areas of the construction and real estate industry. Custom homes, land development, REO services and remodel. With job experience in the thousands, Frank understands how to get it done. His passion to “inspire, lead and serve” provides the platform for our core value of creating the best customer experience possible.

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Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-628-8893

The Office

The Office

Meet the Office! Sarah is our office manager. She has been in the industry for over 10 years! She enjoys long walks on the beach and a nice glass of wine. Noelle is part of our Termite and Home division. She enjoys saving animals and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Shannon likes to read and also watch horror movies. She was in the property preservation industry for over 5 years. Lastly, Kayla is our scheduling coordinator. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia Assistant General Manager

Jennifer has been with Twin for 7 years and in the industry for a total of 11 years. After working in different positions all over the company, Jenn has developed a wide array of skills that make her a great fit as the Assistant General Manager.

When Jenn isn’t at work, she loves to spend time with her family. She is happily married and has a son and a daughter. She greatly enjoys watching them play soccer and softball as well as helping coach their teams. One of her family’s favorite vacation spots is Disneyland. They go at least twice a year and have a great time creating memories together.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-622-8307

Matthew Singer

Matthew Singer Crew Manager

Matt has been married to his wonderful wife Nicole since 2007, and together they have had two gorgeous little girls. He earned his Master’s Degree in the education field, but has remained in the construction field for now. Matt has been working in a multitude of trades since 2006, varying from large scale construction surveying, painting, finish work, to electrical contracting. He is a jack of all trades, and a master of many!

Matt is very excited to be a part of the Twin family and believes that the future is bright for Twin and its customers! He prides himself on his work and greatly values his customer’s satisfaction.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-205-5820

Jason Perry

Jason Perry Branch Manager - Ventura

Jason has been in the termite industry for over 16 years. 7 years as a licensed pest control technician, and a licensed termite inspector for over 3. He has worked with termite wood repair and treatment, general pest control technician, pest control and termite inspections. He is an Eagle Scout, and his hobbies include restoring classic cars, surfing, golfing, and gardening. Jason is happily married and has a new baby girl that takes up all his free time. He is very excited to open a new branch and start servicing the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties!

Contact Information

Office: 805-644-8946
Cell: 805-428-3042

Jason Molina

Jason Molina Branch Manager - Vacaville

Jason has been in the termite industry for over 10 years. He prides himself on helping to maintain Twin’s great reputation for world class customer service and integrity. Jason is very family oriented. He is married and just welcomed in his second child. During his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his family as well as camping, golfing and watching pro sports.

Contact Information

Office 916-344-8946
Cell 916-267-1876

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson Branch Manager - San Diego

Doug came to Twin with diverse experience and a multitude of skills. He has moved from training companies nationwide in the use of XT-2000 Orange Oil and is happy to engage his skills for Twin Termite. Doug has served in the military as a Marine infantryman, both a firefighter and police officer and a luxury jet mechanic. He has two children, ages 6 and 4, enjoys golf, road cycling, traveling, flying planes and is learning gemology. Doug never loses at Monopoly.

Contact Information

Office: 619-866-8946
Cell: 619-987-4915

Chase Johnson

Chase Johnson Branch Manager - Auburn

Chase has been in the industry for over 13 years bringing knowledge of and experience with termite inspections, construction and repairs. He also holds a General Contractor’s license and a Branch III Structural Pest Control license.

Contact Information

Office: 530-830-8946
Cell: 530-305-1405

Termite Division

David Ziegler

David Ziegler Termite Inspector

Dave has been a termite inspector and licensed Branch II field representative for 18 years. He makes it his personal mission to ensure that his customers receive quality repairs and reports at a reasonable cost. You can often catch Dave working well past standard business hours to ensure all customer questions and concerns are addressed by the end of the day. Dave takes pride in his job and is proud to be a member of the Twin Home Services team. During Dave’s free time you can catch him playing pool, going to the gym, hiking, and spending time with close friends.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-585-1778

Tyrus Huetter

Tyrus Huetter Termite Inspector

Tyrus has a Branch 3 structural pest control license and a lifetime background in education and construction. He is a Sacramento State alumni graduating as a Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies major. Over the last decade he has worked as a high school history/social studies tutor and football coach, while consistently progressing in various construction fields. Tyrus is also a husband and father, married to the love of his life and raising their beautiful daughter, Nyla. Tyrus’ work ethic, professionalism, genuine concern and great customer service make him a perfect fit here at Twin Home Services.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-844-2530

Paul Fowler

Paul Fowler Termite Inspector

Paul is Branch 2 & 3 licensed with over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial work. He has a background in architectural drafting (CAD) and construction. He loves to travel – as long as its by car. He hates to fly.
His father is from Pittsburgh, making him a born a Steelers fan.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-459-8528

Bill Helms

Bill Helms Termite Inspector

Bill has been in the termite industry for over 14 years, starting off as a repairman and working his way up to an inspector. Bill has worked hard to develop relationships and a reputation of providing great customer service. He prides himself on his “bedside manner” when explaining issues found on a structure.

Bill was born in Sacramento and has strong family roots in the area. He greatly enjoys traveling; together with his girlfriend, he has enjoyed the different sights and cultures all over Europe. When not working or planning trips, Bill simply enjoys being at home, gardening, wood-working, and watching many forms of auto racing!

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-949-2245

Derek Mills

Derek Mills Termite Inspector

Derek has been a licensed field representative in pest control for 8 years. He aims to help not only through treatment but also by educating the community in methods of identification of possible problems as well as measures that may be taken to prevent problems from ever occurring. Inspection and communication are keys in integrated pest management. He is continually furthering his education in the pest control industry through classes and his everyday field experience. He is up to date on all current methods and materials used today so that he may continue to offer the very best option to each and every customer. He has and is willing to tackle any problem no matter the scale in both commercial and residential properties and aims to make it as stress free for the customer as possible.

Derek has been married to his beautiful wife for 7 years and is the father of 2. He is an avid golfer, though not very good, and loves nothing more than to hang out with the family.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-799-7809

Victor Macias

Victor Macias Termite Inspector

A seasoned technician, Victor is well-versed in both construction and home-related repairs. In addition to this long history of problem-solving, he currently holds both a Branch 3 and Contractor’s License.

Victor highly values both personal and professional relationships, and works diligently to foster trust with his clients.

Contact Information
Office: (707) 455-8946
Cell: (707 305-3176

George Vasquez

George Vasquez Termite Treatment Specialist /Pest Technician

George started his pest control experience by repairing dry rot and has earned his applicator’s license and has been doing so for over a year. His ample experience of working in construction for over 15 years gives him the tools and experience that he needs to help Twin’s customers. George enjoys spending time with his family of 4 and is looking forward to his future with Twin Home Services.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-317-1581

Pest Control Division

Paul Serrano

Paul Serrano Pest Control Manager

Paul has been in the pest industry for over 10 years and is Branch 2 licensed. He is committed to making Twin Home Services pest control a household name and takes pride in providing the best possible pest control and customer service.

Paul is married to his high school sweetheart and has 3 kids (Priscilla 16, Jonah 10, and Leila 6). Most of the time, Paul is at one of his daughter’s basketball games or coaching one of the kids’ sporting teams. His favorite teams to watch are the Sacramento Kings, the San Francisco Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Paul enjoys spending time with his family, BBQ’ing, and both playing and coaching basketball.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-612-2728

Anival Soto

Anival Soto Pest Control Technician

Anival has been in the pest control business for over 9 years – 5 years as a termite treater and 4 years as a residential and commercial pest control technician. He has been with his wife for 13 years and has 3 girls. They love soccer and going out as a family.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-287-1876

Home Inspection Division

Kevin Hoepermans

Kevin Hoepermans Home Inspection Division

After a career change in 2003, Kevin joined Pulte Home, Inc. as a Customer Service Manager. Through his position at Pulte Homes Kevin was exposed to all aspects of the building process. With the decline in the housing market, Kevin began his career performing residential home inspections where he worked closely with some of the industry leaders perfecting his craft. In July of 2010, Kevin and the owner of Twin Termite Pest Control joined in partnership under Twin Home Services to offer a one stop shop of services to the Sacramento real estate industry. At Twin Home Services Kevin has played an instrumental part in building and servicing a broad range of clients, real estate agents and homes.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-832-1516

Brian Peak

Brian Peak Home Inspector

Brian began his career in the building industry over 20 years ago. His career experience working with contractors, door shops, mills, builders and home centers has gained him valuable knowledge and insight in the industry.

As an ASHI Affiliate Member, Brian joins our team with a commitment to upholding the ASHI code of ethics which is to report the results of the inspection in a strictly fair, impartial, and professional manner, avoiding conflicts of interest.

In addition, Brian shares the same philosophies as Twin Home Services; to provide the highest quality of customer service achievable while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-542-0545

Brent Fiksdal

Brent Fiksdal Home Inspector

Brent got his start in the trade doing property maintenance on second and vacation homes in the Tahoe-Truckee area. He then turned his focus to working as a carpenter to better understand the building process from foundation to finish. He’s very fortunate to have worked with a crew on high-end custom homes and as his skills grew his specialty became fine finish and cabinet work. This sort of attention to detail carries over very well into the inspection of your home.

Brent is an associate member of ASHI who firmly believes that his eye for detail and strong ethical standard provides clients with a thorough and unbiased inspection every time. He will report on all those systems and components that are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or are near the end of their service lives.

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-625-6269

Todd Friesen

Todd Friesen Home Inspectior

Coming soon!

Contact Information

Office: 916-344-8946
Cell: 916-752-5767

Ryan Reppond

Ryan Reppond Home Inspector

Ryan is a military Veteran who served as a United States Marine. Upon returning home Ryan decided to pursue a career in home inspections. He is certified through National Association Of Certified Home Inspectors, also known as NACHI. Ryan employs his observational skills, acquired through his military experience, in conducting precision home inspections. Ryan enjoys serving people and is very passionate in providing professional customer service.

Contact Information

Office: 707-455-8946
Cell: 707-392-9125