5 Tips to Keep Your 4th of July Pest Free!

Make Your 4th of July BBQ Pest Free!

It’s that time of the year again, fireworks, BBQ’s and those flying pests! We’ve put together 5 tips and tricks to help make your 4th of July pest free.

  1. The tried and true citronella candle. This classic has been helping outdoor events bee (pun intended) bug free for decades. If you want an alternative to the normal citronella candle, buy a couple of Tiki torches and fill them with BiteFighter.
  1. Make sure you cut your grass the day before and keep any outdoor garbage or trash cans far away from your event. This will make sure none of the pests bug your guests.
  1. Cover up your food or keep your food inside. It’s no secret that pests love food, so don’t let them get to it! Use food nets to block bugs or make sure guests keep their food inside.
  1. Enjoy the fireworks year round with an electric bug zapper. This will ensure any pesky bugs will get a 4th of July that they’ll never forget.
  1. Call the experts at Twin Termite and Pest Control! Let us take away your worries of a bug filled BBQ and have one of our pest experts come out. Call us at 1-877-794-8946.

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